Book Review: High Tech Worship?

High Tech Worship? Using Presentational Technologies Wisely
ISBN: 9780801064807
By: Quentin J. Shultze
Publisher: Baker (2004)

Review by: Bruce Riley

Quentin Schultz is a communication professor, writer, speaker, and consultant. He has a Ph.D. from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois. Shultz serves on faculty at Calvin College, where he is the Arthur H. DeKruyter Chair and a Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences. He also serves as a publisher for Edenridge Press.

High Tech Worship? is a practical book which examines the use of media within the church. The book challenges readers to examine whether their media is enhancing worship in the church or being a distraction. The first two chapters are dedicated to giving an understanding and purpose for worship. He defines worship as, “gratefully expressing gratitude to the Creator in the most fitting means possible and inviting God’s grace to move us to sacrificial lives of service (pg. 23).” He continues in the next two chapters to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology in church worship. The rest of the book is dedicated to the manner in which we can use technology wisely when the church gathers for worship.

A number of facets make this book interesting. Primarily, it’s events that motivated Shultze to author this book. While visiting different churches for nine months, he experienced a repetitive concern with their use of technology. Secondly, Shultze gives an impressive explanation of the meaning of worship that is very easy to comprehend and remember. Not only is his explanation able to bring sense of how we fit technology into worship, it provides a great foundation for anything that can be utilized to enhance true worship.

The use of media is a part of normal life today. All churches today have media somehow as a part of their ministry. It’s reasonable that the church should look into how technology can enhance worship instead of being a distraction. This book is a great read for church leaders and gives powerful direction to those who head media ministry.

Providing this book as a guide would be ideal for leaders in both worship and media.

Bruce W. Riley II


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