New Title: Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History Vol. 5

The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History Volume 5: The Church in the Late Modern Period A.D. 1650-1900
By: John Hannah
Kregel Publications

The fifth installment of the Kregel Pictorial Guide to Church History from DTS’s own Dr. John Hannah has arrived.  You can find this title on our New Titles display as well as in our DTS faculty section.  We also have the first four volumes of this very helpful series available.  Come check them out!

Publisher Marketing: Sound research and illuminating visuals make biblical and historical times and teachings come alive for today’smiddle-school and high-school students as well as pastors looking for a concise overview of familiar topics. This volume continues the valuable tradition of the best-selling Kregel Pictorial Guide series with their full-color introductions that make history easy to understand and interesting to learn. With his fifth installment on church history, experienced professor John D. Hannah presents the important teachings and happenings of the church between 1650 and 1900 A.D. From the Enlightenment, through the Second Great Awakening, and into a Post-Civil War America, this valuable resource serves as a handy, concise guide to the development and teachings of the church.

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