New Arrival: What’s In the Bible? #3

Wanderin’ in the Desert (What’s in the Bible #3)
ISBN: 9781414336329
Created By: Phil Vischer

The third DVD installment from the What’s in the Bible series has arrived.  Wanderin’ in the Desert features the return of Buck Denver and his colorful band of puppet friends covering the remainder of the Pentateuch.  This DVD will aid both children and adults in understanding the remaining three books of Moses: Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  Buck Denver and friends explore what these books of the Bible had to say to Ancient Israel, as well as what they have to say to us today.  You can find the What’s in the Bible DVDs in our store, or, find them on our website.

Cute Quote from a grateful parent:

“I need to tell Phil Vischer that my son pulled out the Bible from the hotel nightstand drawer and started reading.  When I asked him if he was reading a particular passage, he said, “I’m reading Leviticus because Buck Denver’s going to talk about that in the next DVD and I want to be ready.”


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