Book Review: Death by Love

Death by Love: Letters from the Cross
Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears
Crossway, 2008

Review By: Scott Horrell

Mark Driscoll is the gutsy, full-throttled pastor at Mars Hill Church in the Ballard district of Seattle. Gerry Breshears is chair of biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary in Portland. The point of the book is “to present the timeless truths of the cross in a timely manner that is biblically faithful, culturally relevant, and personally helpful” (p. 13).The opening line of the book is telling: “Because no one is born into this world with a theology, each generation must rediscover the truths of Scripture for itself” (p. 9). While some generations have done this well, others have not, “the tragic result is false teaching that renders the church impotent to see the power of the gospel unleashed because she either has a false Jesus or is embarrassed by the real one” (ibid.). Driscoll begins each chapter with rough, sometimes shocking letters to specific individuals (cameos) and then exposits a major soteriological truth (with brief theological commentary by Breshears). The situations into which he writes are gritty and real. If you like Driscoll (and I do) and if you like soteriology (I do far more), then it’s a good book.


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