The Wisdom of John Stott

The Radical Disciple
By: John Stott
Publisher: IVP Books

Here is a quick quote that the director of the BookCenter found in John Stott’s most recent book The Radical Disciple:

“Looking ahead, none of us of course knows what the future of printing and publishing may be.  But I myself am confident that the future of books is assured and that, though they will be complemented, they will never be altogether replaced.  For there is something unique about books.  Out favorite books become very precious to us and we even develop with them an almost living and affectionate relationship.  Is it an altogether fanciful fact that we handle, stroke and even smell them as tokens of our esteem and affection?  I am not referring only to an author’s feeling for what he has written, but to all readers and their library.  I have made it a rule not to quote from any book unless I have first handled it.  So let me urge you to keep reading, and encourage your relatives and friends to do the same.  For this is a much neglected means of grace.”  -John Stott, Postscript from The Radical Disciple


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