Review: What’s In the Bible, V.1 & V.2

What’s In the Bible: In the Beginning, V. 1
ISBN 9781414336305

What’s In the Bible: Let My People Go!, V. 2
ISBN 9781414336312

Created By: Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) w/ Buck Denver
Review By: Kevin Stern

I’ve just spent four hours with what I think will be two of the most life-changing titles of the year. Hang onto your seats. They’re children’s DVD’s called What’s In The Bible? They were so good that I watched each one twice.

Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales) has just released the first two of what will ultimately be a 13-DVD series covering the whole Bible. With puppets, animation and live-action craziness, you get the silly songs, clever jokes and what you might not expect–some great Bible teaching. Along with a good overview of Genesis and Exodus, the first two DVD’s hit some meaty issues as well. Canon, redemption, inspiration and salvation are simply explained by a Sunday School lady with a magic flannelgraph, a piano-playing pastor, a church-history-loving pirate and a lovable cast of characters. How many adults can answer the question of why Catholic and Orthodox Bibles have more books than the Protestant version? My favorite was the Popsicle-stick theater debate on how to depict God (I cheered with the conclusion). Now, I’m trying to figure out how I can get my adult class to watch these.

These DVD’s fill a huge void in presenting an entire overview of the Bible for children. With Biblical literacy at a low, these DVD’s need to be in the hands of every kid in the church. My real hope is that with repeated viewings, their parents will watch them and learn the Bible also.


9 thoughts on “Review: What’s In the Bible, V.1 & V.2

  1. Thanks Kevin! You know what huge Phil Vischer fans we are! I was looking for a good excuse to visit y’all. Now I have one!


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    • Danny

      I believe Genesis 1 is focused on the who of creation, not on the how. I think we are asking questions of that text that wouldn’t have been asked in Ancient Israel. To read it literally is to read it within the context of the audience to which it was written. Look for my forthcoming review of John Walton’s The Lost World Of Genesis One for more detail.


  3. Danny,

    I have not seen these videos. Can you say more about the presentation of creation? I would be delighted if “What’s in the Bible” followed Augustine’s advice and focused on “God made a good world” as opposed to any specific details about how he may have accomplished this. It seems very wise to me for the video to remain silent on the “hows” and allow parents to fill in the details.

    • Jonathan

      The video says that Christians disagree on the creation story. Some believe that the 7 days are 24-hour days and some believe that they are much longer. Which is right? We don’t know for sure and that’s O.K. The story is focused on the Who, not the how of Creation. I think that Phil’s given a balanced look at an issue in which there’s a lot of contention in the Evangelical community. I would use the opportunity to discuss this and other parts of the video with the kids that are watching it.


  4. Kevin. I agree. I could not agree more. There is almost no lay-teaching, child or adult, that touches so comprehensively on all those things like Phil does.

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