Review: Thin Places

Thin Places: A Memoir
ISBN 9780310284185
By:  Mary DeMuth
Review By: Kelly Stern

A profitable memoir goes beyond interesting and enjoyable when it entices you to reflect on your own life as you read. Mary DeMuth’s Thin Places was one such memoir. Mary’s telling of both dark and light experiences from the pages of her life transcended her story and spilled over into mine. Her childhood was difficult, while mine was delightful. My darkness came later, when she was finding healing. Yet her life made me look closer at my own. I realized that her story and my story are both part of our story—the story of the community of God. There is room on Jesus’ lap for us both, for all of us. That is where Mary leaves us at the end of Thin Places. And what are those thin places? I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.


One thought on “Review: Thin Places

  1. Thanks for such a kind review of Thin Places. I appreciate it. It’s my hope that in sharing God’s intersection in a broken life, others won’t feel so alone. We all suffer in different ways, don’t we?

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