Guest reviews

Since starting this blog, I’ve had a number of people ask me if they can write reviews for us. Because of the nature of the site, I’ve chosen to keep the reviews limited to bookcenter staff (although I may reference a faculty member now or then). Still, I do appreciate the interest that people have in contributing material to our site, and I want to have a venue where they can do so.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of, I cannot create more than one page at a time that allows posts. So, until I figure out a better way to both display and distinguish posts by our staff and our customers, I am going to have to make due with this separate Guest Review page.

If you have a review that you’d like to present to us, feel free to post it on this new page, in the comments box.  I may edit or delete a comment for content but I don’t intend to do so much.  I’m particularly interested in books on theology, church ministry, or Bible study/commentary. Please only review books that you’d recommend, and try not to get too wordy with your reviews–no more than 500 words, please.

We look forward to seeing what you think is worth reading!


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