Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope

ibgcommontitledetailimageloader1Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope
J. Scott Duvall
Published in 2008
ISBN 9780825425387

Review by Kevin Stern

J. Scott Duvall has produced a really good spiritual formation workbook in Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope. The book guides people through a process of belief, behavior, and becoming on a road to spiritual maturity. His approach walks through a doctrine that needs to be believed, followed by behavior that needs to be practiced, and finally creating character qualities in your life. For example, believing the authority of the Bible leadds to the habit of studying the Bible which in turn leads to living a truthful life.

The book walks us through a short systematic theology. What really caught my attention, though, was the Bible-study-methods style of unlocking the Biblical passage presented in each chapter. This isn’t a flat one-question, one verse study. Instead, the book teaches how to study Bible passages as part of the process. This would be great to follow up new believers or for somall groups wanting to grow deeper.

Each chapter of the book is filled with quotes, cross-references, and a bibliography for further study. I like the approach. I like the execution. I highly recommend this book for helping Christians grow deeper.


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