Revolve 2008

Revolve New Testament Biblezine 2008
Thomas Nelson, Inc.
Published in 2008
ISBN: 9780718019754

Review by Laura Ho

No matter how teenage girls are raised, they all struggle with the insecurities that accompany their age. When I was 15, my parents did the best they could to encourage me to live by the Word of God. To me, however, the Bible was something I just couldn’t understand–I thought of it only as an overwhelming list of demands that I could never live up to.

Today there is a Bible published by Nelson called Revolve 2008. Although the Bible contains the complete New Testament of the New Century Version translation, it’s look is not like your conventional Bible’s. Nelson released it to look like a magazine rather than a typical book. While Revolve 2008 follows the New Testament book by book,  it also adds articles, devotionals, pictures, and question/answer letters that are all very applicable to its audience. Revolve 2008 is a positive way to bring Scripture into the thoughtful, searching mind of a teenage girl.

I recommend Revolve 2008 to any parent, teacher, or friend wanting to encourage a teenage girl to delve into God’s Word.


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