Expositor’s Bible Commentary

Expositor’s Bible Commentary
Zondervan Publishing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Review by Kevin Stern

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, a standard in the evangelical world, is in the midst of a major revision (four are out now and one will be released in July). The series edited by Tremper Longman and David Garland is being expanded to thirteen volumes–with no Introduction volume, it’s quite a bit. About 60% of the authors have been replaced or updated by a younger author, but all of the work is revised. I’ve talked to a couple of the authors who have changed their views since their earlier contributions.

I like the format of the new editions better. For each section, there is an overview that gives the theology of the passage—a great help to think your way through the book. R.T. France’s overviews in Hebrews (Hebrews-Revelation) were wonderful. I often turned to it first to get an idea of the passage and then went to technical commentaries for more detail when I was teaching Hebrews. In Richard Hess’s Leviticus (Genesis-Leviticus), he charts the elements of the sacrifices and unclean animals. It was a huge help in making often confusing details clear. The notes have been expanded in the series as well, making it more helpful to serious students. The type is better in the new volumes also, making it easier to read.

I’d recommend this series to pastors and Bible students who need a step deeper than one- volume commentaries can provide. It would be a good addition to a church library.


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