Talk Thru the Bible

Talk Thru the Bible
Bruce Wilkinson and Kenneth Boa
Nelson Reference & Electronic
Published in 2002
ISBN: 9780785212218

Review by Ryan Ho

Wilkinson and Boa’s Talk Thru the Bible is a compilation of material from Talk Thru the Old Testament and Talk Thru the New Testament. In it, the authors study and summarize each book of the Bible with simple-to-read charts, illustrations, and outlines. Every chapter begins by introducing the book–issues such as author, date, setting, theme and purpose are all summarily examined. The chapter then outlines key words, verses, and chapters from the book–a helpful tool for grasping the message of the book. Next, the authors explain how the biblical book relates to Christ and to the rest of the Bible, features that I deeply appreciated and something that I found useful for connecting the text to ministry. The chapter next moves into a survey of the book, breaking the text into broad sections in order to help the reader understand the book’s flow. Finally, the chapter ends with a detailed outline of the book.

As students of the Bible, we have a tendency to delve extraordinarily deep into the Word, dissecting each individual chapter, verse, and word of the biblical text. Certainly there is a place for this sort of examination, and without such a concentrated evaluation we would overlook a great deal of truth. If that is our only method of Bible study, however, we can easily miss the main point of the biblical author. Talk Thru the Bible enables a Bible student to understand how those pieces fit together. When used in conjunction with other Bible tools, Talk Thru the Bible is an invaluable resource and, in my opinion, should have a place on the study shelf of every serious Bible student.


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