An Old Testament Theology

An Old Testament Theology
Bruce Waltke
Zondervan Publishing Co.
Grand Rapids, MI
ISBN: 9780310218975

Review by Kevin Stern

In An Old Testament Theology, Bruce Waltke builds a method and model for doing Biblical theology. He divides the book into three parts: Introduction, which presents the method; Primary History, which discusses the historical narrative (Genesis-Nehemiah); and Other Writings, which includes prophecy, wisdom literature, and Ruth.

The introduction develops Waltke’s exegetical method of approaching his topic–God establishing his kingdom for the hallowing of his name. Within the first section, Waltke discusses hermeneutics, narrative, and literature, as well as his beginning assumption. This was as helpful as the core content itself. The remained of the work is a masterpiece of Biblical exposition. Each unit of material (e.g. The Gift of the Cosmos) is developed individually.

I began reading this book by dipping into individual sections as I needed information, but Waltke’s engaging writing left me always wanting to check out the next section. I finally gave in and began reading it cover to cover. The 1000+ pages seemed to sail by, giving me a new understanding of the Old Testament. Whether you use An Old Testament Theology as a reference tool or simply look to it for a good read, this book belongs in your library.


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